Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me more information about this program?

Yes! Please submit your question to us via the Contact Us page and we will reply to you.

When is the application deadline for this program?

We recommend applying at least 2 months in advance of the program start date.

What is the start date for this program?

MyStay ENGLISH language programmes mostly have a set weekly start. You will join an approved Language School Partner for a General English program generally starting your lessons on a Monday.

What is the end date for this program?

MyStay ENGLISH programs are scheduled for up to 5 weeks in length. The last day of the English Course will generally be a Friday.

Can I pay for this program in instalments?

No. 100% payment is required at least 4 weeks in advance of your proposed start date.

Is this program available online?

MyStay ENGLISH is a face-to-face program in your chosen destination city. However, as part of the MyStay ENGLISH program, we include an excellent online English course (12 week access), as well as other online support materials that run alongside your English program at our English Language partner schools.

With our online English course you will be able to practice and test your English from the comfort of your home, keep track of your progress and consult online material before and after the completion of your MyStay ENGLISH program.

What is the duration of this program?

The MyStay ENGLISH program is designed to fast track your English Language learning in 5 weeks. Please visit our website or contact us to ask about the options available to you.

Is this program offered part-time or full-time?

It is a 5-week face-to-face program and you will have English Language classes on weekdays (Monday-Friday), however, the timing of your classes may differ depending on your chosen destination city, visa requirements, and/or language level. You will be living a specially trained English speaking Host Mentor to assist with day-to-day conversation improvement. You should also have free time to explore the City. We provide you with access to guides and additional information to help you make the most of your immersion experience.

Where is this school located?

You will be allocated an English Language School by MyStay ENGLISH in your chosen destination City. All MyStay ENGLISH approved Partner Schools are members of the appropriate language school network(s) for their country to guarantee the quality of your English immersion experience. We choose schools as close as possible to our available English Host Mentor (your accommodation provider).

A full list of destination countries and cities can be found on the Locations page.

In what language is this program taught?

All MyStay ENGLISH programs are taught in English.

What documents are required to apply to this program?

You will need a valid visa and passport. For students under 18, a special Guardianship form will also be required. We will also need confirmation of your flight details at least 2 weeks in advance so that your airport pick-up can be arranged.